Helping Hoosiers Plan for Retirement

Hello, my name is Jay Cox. My mission is to help you protect your financial future.

I help create a retirement game plan for you using a combination of planning and protection products to guarantee your retirement income and provide comprehensive health care plans to all Hoosiers from young professionals to retirees.

I want to help you create your own plan for a safe and secure financial future. Call me now to tell me about your future financial needs.

Watch my class about retirement and Social Security here

Medicare Plans and Supplement Coverage

Understanding all of the available Medicare and related supplement benefits can be difficult. While you’re automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A if you’re already collecting Social Security, many of your regular medical expenses could cost you money out of pocket without a Medicare supplement plan.

Final Expense Planning

The average funeral now costs over $10,000. We can help you set aside up to $15,000 as an Exempt Asset so your final expenses are already planned for and taken care of.

Closeup portrait of a senior man sitting with his daughter and grandson

Private Pension

Planning for the right amount of income in retirement is hard enough without also having to worry about the market conditions, too. We can help you secure source of guaranteed, tax-free income in your retirement years.

Estate Planning

Are you looking for a better way to transfer wealth to your heirs or favorite charity? We’ll help you set aside up to $100,000 per beneficiary as a Medicare exempt asset, with no trust fees or administrative costs.

Veteran Benefits

It has been my honor to have served our country for six years in the United States Marine Corps. The men and women who answer call of duty deserve the best representation of their interests when choosing the right benefits. I will go above and beyond to find fellow veterans the best benefits available to them.

Dental Coverage

Are you in need of dental coverage for yourself and your family?

Closeup portrait of a senior man sitting with his daughter and grandson