Your Medicare Supplement Costs Too Much

What once looked like a manageable amount for a monthly Medicare Supplement premium is getting out of hand!

Look at how much the premiums have already gone up since it started. How much more will it go up in the future? How long can you still afford it?

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A senior woman with white hair in a black and white image, looks forlornly out the window onto a dreary winters day.

Is there a way to keep the same Medicare coverage and doctors and hospitals, but pay less monthly premiums and have lower cost hikes going forward?

Why don’t you find out? Yes, you can keep your same Medicare Supplement coverage, with your same doctors and hospitals — but still pay less monthly premium with lower future costs.

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And maybe get some more benefits at no extra charge, like:

  • Household discounts up to 15% each
  • FREE Silver Sneakers fitness programs
  • $20 off your monthly premium for the first 12 months
  • Save $2 per month for paying by Auto Bank Draft or Electronic Funds Transfer
  • “Script Save” pharmacy discounts for everyone, even pets
  • Vision discount on glasses, and $800 off Premier Lasik
  • Hearing discounts on Amplifon or hearing aids and exams
  • Discounts on FitBit, Jenny Craig and Choose Healthy chiropractors, acupuncture and massages
  • Extras Packages for additional dental and vision coverage

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